About Us

Hannes Schreiner & Christian Wolf
Welcome to Trinkvergnügen – the Austrian online shop for exquisite wines & rarities from the best wine-growing regions of the world! What inspired us to launch this online wine shop? The answer lies in our passionate devotion to the world of wine. We firmly believe that every good wine tells a unique story, one that we are eager to share with our customers to create an authentic drinking pleasure. Trinkvergnügen is not just an online shop – it is an oasis for every wine lover. Whether you are an experienced collector in search of rarities or a connoisseur for whom excellent wines mean true drinking joy. In our shop, you will find only wines that have been personally tasted and tested by us, standing out distinctly due to their exceptional locations or characteristic properties. Only the best wines make it into our selection, ensuring that your drinking experience will always be of the highest quality. Our passion and dedication to wine, as well as our commitment to the highest quality, form the heart of the assortment at Trinkvergnügen, and we are excited to share this enthusiasm with you. Cheers! From wine lovers for wine lovers, Hannes Schreiner & Christian Wolf